SMART energy solutions for a sustainable world!

Sustainable: Our solutions are sustainable over longer periods of time
Mindful: Our solutions are built with a mindful responsibility towards the environment
Achievable: Our solutions truely help us to achieve the goal for a greener world
Resourceful: Our solutions are built in clever ways to overcome daily obstacles and difficulties.
Trustworthy: Our solutions can be relied on as honest and secure products and services.

Floading is a service provider specialized in SMART charging solutions for electric cars, buses, trucks and virtually any vehicle using a battery. With over 10 years experience we bridge the gap between the complexity in the OEM-industry and the specialized knowledge of the public and private charging infrastructure.


We offer stand alone wired and wireless charging solutions for virtually any vehicle with a battery.


We offer charging infra from 6 tot 200 chargers at one location including energy management of grid and building


We offer charging infra AC and DC from 7kW up to 450 kW for public transport, trucks and cars


We believe in an end to end solution. Floading's strength is in the supply of an innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Why SMART charging?

The Floading SMART charging solution and products enables the implementation of an infrastructure in cities where electric vehicles benefit from an automatic charging solution. The result is a smart city solution where vehicles, homes and companies can collaborate in a "smart grid". Energy can, therefore, be shared resulting in a green and smart living environment. This can all be done today and fully wired and wireless.

SMART and easy

  • Never forget to charge.
  • Automatic identification when loading.
  • Compliant with global standards.
  • Seamless integration in the charging infrastructure.
  • Post purchase integration in electric vehicles.
  • Traditional charging possibility remains in place.

Safe and reliable

  • No harmful radiation.
  • Minimal maintenance and vandalism proof.
  • No moving parts in the ground charger or the vehicle.
  • Long life span of the product.
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Ready for the future

  • Maintains aesthetics in infrastructure.
  • No plugs or cables needed.
  • Minimal energy loss with an efficiency of 95%.
  • Longer battery life of the vehicle.
  • Charging and dis charging.
  • Ready for the autonomous infrastructure.
  • Fully scalable.

Our applications

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