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Floading Power Capsule DC EV charger

The Power Capsule is powerful, safe and simple DC charging solution with a modular and scalable design. This charging station is available in a 30kW and 60kW variant, making the Power Capsule an excellent charging point for numerous locations and businesses. The unique design of the Power Capsule allows versatile installation: it can be mounted on the wall or pole. The charging station is equipped with one DC charging outlet that can be used with a CHAdeMO or Combo-2 (CCS) connector.

The Power Capsule DC charging station can be customized to match the branding of your business

Unique design

Multiple ways of installation: wall or pole mount

Intuitive userface

10.1 inches large LCD display for easy-to-use application 

Simple, safe and smart

Manage payments easily with NFC or Credit Card (optional)

Cost-effective and powerful

Quick and secure charging solution for the best marketprice

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