Floading tests off-grid EV charging

Power Arrow & battery storage

Watch here the video of testing the Power Arrow AC charger and battery storage

Charging your EV with off-grid technologies shall become more frequent as we move further in the energy transition

As the demand for energy is growing we are often confronted with the restrictions of the electricity grid - there are locations where energy cannot be supplied in high levels Upgrading the connection in order to cope with the increased demand can be an expensive operation, therefore alternative solutions are considered more often as an answer.

Connecting your EV charger to an energy storage solution is a safe and practical solution, and according to Guidehouse the ‘’total compound annual growth rate across all segments for stationary energy storage for EVs (ESEV) is expected to be 28% by 2029’’

We have tested our Power Arrow, the 22kW AC EV charger with double plug in combination with a battery storage of SKOON. After a short setup the charger was available for servicing the Tesla Model 3, as the LED lights on both sides indicated. This can be particularly interesting in locations where grid connection is scarce or unavailable, such as locations for events and festivals.

Battery containers are already an economical choice for many companies to reduce their peak level usage and prevent fluctuation of power delivery. Regarding the current low prices on the energy market these battery giants are on a way to become a steady participant in our everyday life, powered by clean energy. By combining solar or wind energy sources and storing the energy in one of these battery containers instead of exporting it to the grid provides an excellent opportunity to make clean energy a reality.

The young Dutch company, SKOON in making this technology available for everyone, regardless how big or small the required energy storage is. Besides the continuous development of their core products they operate a booking system for various battery storage solutions suitable for off-grid activities.

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