Koolen Industries company Energy Experience Group renamed

Koolen Industries Solar is the new name of Energy Experience Group (EEG). This is part of a holistic strategy that aims to integrate energy generation more closely with business areas such as clean energy storage and distribution as well as with user applications.

Koolen Industries Solar’s corporate installations arm will also be renamed, changing from Energy Experience Installatie Services to Koolen Installation Services.

“We have grown quickly since Koolen Industries acquired EEG last year, and we are growing into our new role as an integral part of something much bigger, namely a group that wants to make sure clean energy is available for everyone, whenever and wherever they need it. This rebranding will help our customers understand how our solar panels can be used in combination with many other applications, such as charging infrastructure, lithium batteries or other kinds of clean energy storage,” said Alfred Breggeman, CEO, Koolen Industries Solar.

“Such integrated thinking will also help our customers participate in a green recovery from the Corona-crisis, which is clearly something they want to do. It is no coincidence that demand for solar panels has remained strong and growing during lock-down. Our customers tell us they want to live healthy, sustainable lives and the last thing they want is to return to the emission levels we saw before Covid-19 hit.”

Koolen Industries Solar subsidiary BonGo Solar has installed some 60,000 panels since the acquisition of EEG in October last year, spread across more than 5,600 separate private and corporate rooftop projects. These include the provision of solar energy to 63 new homes that make up two new construction projects in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Turnover rose 35%, the workforce grew from 88 to 116 people, and solar panel installation company NovaVolt was acquired during this half-year period.

“We have a lot of exciting projects to look forward to, such as solar panel installations for a large number of schools in Haarlemmermeer, and we are preparing to enter Spain, France and the United Kingdom with the BonGo Solar brand,” said Peter Mulder, who joined as Chief Commercial Officer in April.

“Solar power is obviously fundamental to the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, but the benefits of solar panels are even greater when they are combined with technologies and services that store, distribute or use the electricity they generate. We have spent the last few months working out how this can be done in ways that are both efficient and affordable, and we are now ready to tell our private and corporate customers about the almost endless possibilities on offer from Koolen Industries Solar,” said Kees Koolen, CEO and Chairman, Koolen Industries.

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