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homecharger ac power dot pro

Charging your car at home

The Power Dot Pro is an excellent choice for charging at home or at the office: the small and stylish charging station offers various charging capacities that can be adjusted based on the available electricity. This can be easily set using the smartphone app that ensures a simple usage, like an overview of charging details or scheduling the charging.  The modern ev charger is equipped with a 5-meter long Type-2 charging cable which allows a comfortable charging distance. Rain and dust have no effect on the performance of the Power Dot Pro, the charger has an IP54 certification. 

This Power Dot Pro was installed by our certified partner MW Solutions specialized in electrical installation and civil engineering.

power arrow ac charger for offices

EV charger for public locations

The possibility to charge an electric vehicle at office spaces and work locations is becoming gradually important due to the great number of EV's and  electrified lease fleets appearing on the road.

Floading installed the two Power Arrow wallboxes with 22 kWh charging capacity, enabling the employees and visitors of an office building in Amersfoort to charge their cars. The compact and stylish charging stations can charge up to 2 cars at the same time. With the application of the Floading backoffice tool free charging can be granted for employees, while it is possible to set up other charge rates for external visitors. This way the investment of the charging station can be earnt back within a short period of time.

ac electric bus charger 2x43kw

High power AC charger for electric buses

Floading and BYD worked closely together to develop and deploy smart chargers for the delivery of ten 12-metre low-floor model electric buses. These emission free models are now running on the streets of Pécs  slowly replacing the diesel powered, old-fashioned buses.

The charging infrastructure designed for the e-buses equipped with 348 kWh Iron-Phosphate batteries is supporting cost aware installation and smart charging solutions. The unique, high power AC chargers don't require costly changes on the already existing grid connection and the system allows charging with one or two plugs simultaneously. With this method the charge time is reduced during working hours to minimize downtime, while at night longer time is available for loading. By smart planning and charging during off-peak hours the TCO can be reduced and optimized.

Besides development, delivery and maintenance of the charging equipment Floading provides a comprehensive back office system with remote monitoring and overview of charging details for the client. 

floading fast charger at tamoil location

Fast charging along the highway

Fast chargers are an indispensable tool in the realisation of a trustworthy charging infrastructure. Commercial high-power charging is an efficient solution to provide ev's with a great amount of power within a short period of time - up to 80% battery level in less than 30 minutes. These chargers are perfect for busy locations, along motorways, shopping centers and commercial areas. Tamoil Nederland, an organization with over 230 petrol stations in The Netherlands placed a 180 kW Power Bay DC fast charger in Klazienaveen. The first fast charger of Tamoil in North-Holland can charge two vehicles at the same time with a maximum of 800 Volt. The big surface of the Power Bay offers a great way for a complete branding - the charger has been wrapped with durable 3M vinyl according to the branding guidelines of the client.

Mobile DC charge station for electric buses and cars

Flexible fast charging for electric buses

Keolis, an international public transport  company brought the biggest electric bus fleet to The Netherlands last year December. The electric buses manufactured in Central-Europe by the Chinese electric vehicle and battery giant were serviced and converted to Dutch public transport industry standards in the Eaton Hall owned by Koolen Industries. During the period of 3 months the 12-meter long buses with 348 kW battery capacity were charged by our Mobile DC charge station. The design of the fast charger was a 100% fit for the situation given. Positioning the buses on a tight parking place can be a challenge, so the charger on wheels was a practical solution - easy to move from one bus to another and charge the vehicles in a safe way without interrupting ongoing work processes. 

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Floading smart charging of vehicles

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