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Floading delivers the ideal charging solutions for all possible locations, such as your home or your workplace.

Charging at home & work

Floading supplies AC smart charging solutions that are ideal for charging an electric vehicle while the driver is staying a longer duration of time at one location, such as work or home. Our AC charging stations are developed with the purpose to offer an easy application for the consumer, safe use and maximum price efficiency.

Our AC charging stations are assembled in The Netherlands, ensuring maximum safety , efficiency and are fully compatible with all available backoffice systems

Recommended chargers for home & work

power arrow ac charger floading

Power Arrow AC

Carefree & efficient charging experience while at home or at work.

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Are you or your company looking for a smart EV charging solution for a private or a public location? Get in touch with us via the form, e-mail or phone and we will get back to you immediately.

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Floading smart charging of vehicles

Founded in 2018, Floading is  the leading-edge provider of electric charging solutions within Europe.  Floading is part of Koolen Industries, striving for a greener future together with multiple other companies with a focus on clean energy. 

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