Power Dot Pro

EV Charging station for home and work

Power Dot Pro AC EV charging station

Looking for a faster solution for charging your electric vehicle at home? The Power Dot Pro home charger is an excellent choice for residential locations, offices and hotels.

The 3-phase charger has a modern and compact appearance. Thanks to the stylish black and white quality plastic housing and attractive design, this charger fits every location. The charging session can be started using an RFID tag making sure only the authorized persons have access to your chargepoint , but plug & play charging settings are also available. The charger comes with an intergrated 5 meter long type 2 charging cable which offers maximum flexibility when parking your electric vehicle.

The Power Dot Pro wallbox guarantees maximum safety by applying various safety protocols: protection against over and undercurrent, overheating and DC leakage protection.

The Power Dot Pro has an IP55 qualification which makes the charging station resistant to dust and weatherproof. The chargepoint can easily be mounted on the wall or on a mounting pole with the supplied installation material and manual.

The Power Dot Pro is available in 3 models: with 7 kW (1 phase) , 11 kW and 22 kW (3 phase) maximum charging power.

Simple & fast

Clear instructions and up to 7X faster than regular chargers

Live insights & full control

Get all important details through compatible back-office systems 

Safe & smart

Manage application and payments easily 

Low maintenance

Durable design

Floading smart charging of vehicles

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