Power Bay 180kW DC fast charging station

Power Bay DC EV charging station

The Power Bay 180 kW DC fast charger allows any EV driver to hit the road with a charged battery within the shortest charging session possible. This charging station makes simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles possible. The scalable and modular design assures the most efficient and seamless charging experience not only now, but also in the future. The high-quality casing and robust design assures low maintenance. The Power Bay DC charger can be used for any electric vehicle with a CHAdeMo or a Combo-2 (CCS) connector.

This DC charging station can be customized to fit into your brand's image.

Scalable & modular design

Ideal for fast charging of passenger, medium- and heavy vehicles

Smart power balancing

Distributing available capacity for the most efficent charging 

Intuitive and simple userface

Clean design and effortless payment managemnet options

24/7 monitoring

Remote monitoring and wireless software updates

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