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Rent an EV charging hub

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For which situations is a temporary charging plaza suitable?

  • Events - such as festivals, concerts, fairs, congresses, etc.
  • Temporary EV charging solution for construction or renovation sites

  • Locations where cars charge irregularly or on a temporary basis
  • If the installation of fixed charging stations takes too long, the temporary charging plaza offers a quick and efficient solution to bridge the period

  • During busy periods on the roads (such as summer or winter holiday periods)

Advantages of a (temporary) charging plaza

One of the biggest advantages of a temporary charging hub is that it can be deployed quickly anywhere, no excavation work and complicated installation processes are necessary. In cooperation with MW Solutions the charging stations are delivered from stock and are already equipped with mounting poles and the associated cabling. Despite the fact that it is a temporary charging solution, cars can charge just as quickly as with other, fixed charging stations. In addition, the charging stations use a single, central grid connection. In case of individual charging stations, a separate grid connection must be installed for each charging station, which limits scalability and flexibility. The costs of a temporary charging plaza therefore are always lower than other solutions. You determine the period when the charging plaza should be delivered to the designated location. We take care of the delivery, connection and when the activities are completed we pick up the charging stations again. Just as easy as it sounds!

Complete service

At some locations the grid connection may not be sufficient, in this case we help with the realization by deploying energy storage systems. The charging stations supplied by us are easy to use and suitable for all electric cars with a Type-2 connection. Safety is guaranteed through application various safety protocols and the special water and dust-resistant casing of the charging station. The charging stations are suitable for plug & play charging, which means that charging starts automatically after connecting the car to the charging station. Questions once the chargers are commissioned? Our team of experts is available to answer questions and resolve issues.

Cost saving

Simple installation without groundwork

Quick delivery

Charging is available after connection is established

Faster charging sessions

up to 22 KW

Maximum flexibility

Payment per day, week or month

Questions about renting EV charging equipment?

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