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Energy scan

Are you planning to purchase electric vehicles? Or do you want to expand your location with charging infrastructure?

With an energy scan, Floading shows what is needed to make your ambitions possible. This way you avoid surprises, such as empty batteries after charging overnight or limitations of the mains connection.

After the energy scan you know exactly what is possible and what is needed at the location. We also tell you what is still possible in the future and how you can further scale up the charging infrastructure.



Do you want to expand your charging infrastructure or are you starting with electric transport? We map out your wishes for now and in the future as well as possible.

Location inspection

We look at the location and the grid connection. So that we can advise you as best as possible about the possibilities of your location and whether these suit your wishes.


You will receive an extensive report from Floading with the results of the energy scan. You then know what the possibilities are, but also what the risks are.


We give you advice on installing your charging infrastructure. So you know what adjustments are needed to the energy network. And which type of charger suits your needs; AC, DC or High Power.