Floading AC pillar charging station at charging plaza preston palace 11kw and 22 kw

Commercial charging at strategic locations

Floading supports municipalities and companies that aim to contribute to a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure.

The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing enormously. This requires adaptation of the charging infrastructure. It is not possible for everyone to charge their electric car at home. After all, not everyone has a driveway where an AC charging station can be installed. That is why more public charging locations will have to be added soon.

A charging location can be constructed on a (public) parking, on parking spaces along the road, but also on a public company site. Do you have parking space at your company that is easily accessible for local residents or is your site located on a main road or in a central location? Then it can be very attractive to realize a public charging plaza here!

Each location requires a different solution. That is why we take several factors into account during the process to choose the right charging solution. Depending on the location, we offer different types of AC and DC chargers. By means of an energy scan, we inventory your wishes and advise which charging solution suits you best.

Do you want to have a AC / DC charging station installed in a public space? Then contact us!

Recommended chargers for commercial charging

Floading AC charging station fast charger wallbox at home and at the office

Wallbox AC

Simple and safe AC charging station, suitable for at public locations.

Power Arrow EV charging station

Power Arrow

Simple and safe AC charging station, 11 kW or
22 kW

Floading smart charging of vehicles

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