Energy Trailer

Off-grid EV charger

Energy Trailer off-grid ev charger

Charging an electric-vehicle on a remote location is now possible: the Energy Trailer ensures clean, sustainable energy at places where local grid connection is unavailable. 

The Energy Trailer mobile EV charger uses an innovative technology in order to function as a reliable power supply for any location. Besides off-grid application, the product can be connected to the grid during off-peak hours to recharge the batteries against the lowest costs possible. When energy is in high-demand, the Energy Trailer can supply continuous power making the exploitation interesting for business partners. 

The containerized design makes it simple and easy to transport the Energy Trailer even to the most remote locations. Due to the light weight (<750 kg) no additional commercial driver's license is required. The charger unit utilizes the power of first class rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 / LFP). This is not only the most advanced battery techology possible, but also the most environment-friendly solution.

The off-grid EV charging system is equipped with a cloud-based software solution for diagnostics to ensure remote helpdesk service.


  • Private and public parking spaces
  • Commercial fleet
  • Roadside assistance
  • Construction sites
  • Event locations
  • Transportation and logistic 

Turnkey solutions

Delivery of energy, generated in a sustainable manner is one of the most important aspects of the ongoing energy transition. We are continuously looking for partnerships to ensure the availability power supplies for electric vehicles on on-and off-grid locations.

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