Floading DC Fast charger

The new Floading DC Fast charger is a powerful charger with a charming design.

Commercial Opportunities

In addition to monitoring the charging session and of course the charging itself, Floading DC Fast charger can also be used for commercial purposes. The large 27-inch touchscreen is not only used for information about the charger and the car battery.

The screen can be used as a billboard. A charging station often has a prominent place in the parking lot, so that everyone who passes it has an eye for the passing advertisement. This can be a moving image or an image with catchy text. The charger is on all day, everyone who passes will see your advertisement! A security camera registers whether someone walks past the charger.

Can the charger still be operated when the advertisement is displayed? Of course! When the screen is tapped, it will go back to the charging session and the ad will temporarily disappear. When the action related to the charging session is over, the screen will return to the commercial in a short time. 

Test procedures

The charger has been tested for all applicable regulations and safety requirements. This has to do with the minimum and maximum temperature, the housing of the charger, the cable and energy supply. There are strict requirements for this. All Floading chargers go through strict testing procedures. The chargers are tested and monitored by means of smart meters.

The performance of the charger is also mapped before delivery. The charger is tested for the amount of current it delivers. All cables are internally tested for strength and position.

The Floading DC Fast charger is a safe charger that guarantees battery stability and prevents overheating through the 'safe charging mode'. In the 'health charging mode', the charger ensures that the battery of the car is also protected. The charger will also give the car battery 20% longer life than other chargers.

In addition, the charger lives up to its name: with 240 kW, the charger can charge a car within 5 minutes to a range of 100 km. The charger is suitable for 99% of electric vehicles due to the CCS2 connection on the cable.

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