Our team

Floading is a stable and fast-growing company with great ambitions. We ensure that charging electric vehicles is quick and simple. We do this with a small and expert team. Anticipating quickly, daring to think and act creatively is in our DNA.

Arnaud van der Sluis


Arnaud founded floading in 2018. He has been committed to accelerating the transition to electric transport since 2008.

Peter Brockhoff


Peter joined Floading in 2018. With his knowledge and innovative capacity, Peter is the motor behind the technical developments within Floading.

Jeffrey Roos

Account Manager

Jeffrey joined the team in 2021. He makes an inventory of the charging needs of the customer and finds it a challenge to find and connect a suitable charging solution to those wishes.

susan grotenhuis officemanager

Susan Grotenhuis

Office Manager

Susan has been working at our office at the IPKW in Arnhem since 2022. She likes to work with the team on a quiet and clean world.

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We are happy to work with you on a quiet and clean world in which the next generation can also live and move.

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Floading is a Dutch company that was founded in 2018. Today we are one of the most innovative charging solution providers in Europe. As part of Koolen Industries believes we and our partners in an emission-free future and electric mobility for everyone. Floading: energy that keeps you going!

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