The Netherlands Ranks Number 1 Globally on the Automotive Disruption Radar

July 6, 2017

Thanks to the Dutch thirst for innovation and sustainable mobility, the Netherlands now ranks number 1 globally on the Automotive Disruption Radar. Roland Berger’s Automotive Disruption Radar monitors evolutions in the global auto industry by screening 25 indicators.

Holland reached the top of the ranking due to the county’s winning combination of comparatively high electronic vehicle (EV) sales, a very good EV charging infrastructure and a strong interest in autonomous driving.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has also just named the Netherlands No. 2 in the world in electric driving. Hyperloop, Tesla, Ventac Group and Apollo Tyres all join the growing list of automotive companies moving to the country.

Minister Schulz-van Haegen, at the opening of the Hyperloop facility earlier this year, noted: “The Netherlands is leading the way in innovative and sustainable mobility. We have world-class test facilities for the air and space industry, as well as for water management, autonomous driving, and drone technologies. We’re the first country to create legislation that will shortly allow driverless cars on public roads.”

Source: Roland Berger

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