Floading partners with E-clearing.net

From now on roaming on the Floading charging stations is supported by E-clearing.net. We are constantly working on expanding the European charging network so that drivers of electric cars will soon be able to charge anywhere. There are several charging stations on the market that are supported by different back office systems that need to communicate with each other to enable information exchange among the systems.

The E-clearing.net system ensures interoperability through the use of e-roaming: drivers can easily verify themselves and communication between the parties takes place in the background. This means that drivers do not have to think about anything, which is a major advantage of e-roaming.

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Founded in 2018, Floading is  the leading-edge provider of electric charging solutions within Europe.  Floading is part of Koolen Industries, striving for a greener future together with multiple other companies with a focus on clean energy. 

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