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What is happening in the world of electric vehicles and how is Floading fitting in?

We are not a charging station, are we?

Perhaps this question crosses your mind when looking for charging infrastructure for your company. In fact, your company will get a fresh and modern look with EV chargers!

Traveling by electric car kopie

Now that summer is approaching, and with that the holiday is just around the corner, it is possible that questions arise about a car holiday. We answer the most asked questions!

News letter July (Dutch)

News from the world of electric mobility.

Only electric lease from 2025

From 2025 it will only be possible to choose from electric cars for a business lease, The Hague Sources report to De Telegraaf.

Volvo Green Premium Event

Floading recently supplied the new electric Volvo Trucks models with energy with our own DC charging stations at the Volvo Green Premium Event.

Subsidy for emission free trucks

Since May 9, 2022, enterprises can apply for a subsidy for the purchase of clean trucks. It is a step towards a emission-free vehicle fleet, the goal for 2050. 

DC fast charge station from Floading

Case study: Ampcontrol

Floading and Ampcontrol have a shared vision of the importance of smart load management for scaling electric fleet operations. In this project, Floading and Ampcontrol work on four charging sites together, with a total of 50 Floading chargers, including AC and DC fast chargers. 

TDS takes a big step forward in emission-free distribution

In the search for a solution for the IKEA order, TDS came to Bluekens EV. In addition to being a supplier of the BYD ETM6, this Breda company is an expert in emission-free city logistics and also provides fleet management. Wissink: “We would not have been able to take this step without Bluekens EV. It is a major player in the transport world, the organization has enormous expertise in the field of electric transport and we are assured of aftercare and maintenance. All this gives a lot of confidence.”

nieuweweme groep koolen industries

Koolen Industries acquires NieuweWeme Groep: One-stop-shop solution for clean energy and mo... 

With this acquisition, Koolen Industries has everything it needs to design, produce, install and maintain the clean and smart energy solutions from its portfolio “in house”.

DC fast charge station from Floading

Floading introduces new version of the Power Bay DC fast charger for electric cars

The new generation of the most sold DC fast charge station not only received a complete new look but also useful, new features. What are the most important improvements ? You can find them in our blog post.

Floading PowerBay North-Holland

Tamoil installs Floading fast charger in Klazienaveen

As of now EV drivers can charge their vehicles quick and safe at the Tamoil gas station in Klazienaveen. The PowerBay 180kW fast charger can charge 2 cars at the same time, making sure that clients can resume their journey as quick as possible.

Floading is now a partner of

The Floading charging stations are now connected to biggest roaming platform of Europe. Charging without restrictions  and electric mobility cross-border interoperability is guaranteed!

charging spot ev

New labels for electric vehicles and charging stations

Starting from 20 March a new set of labels will be placed on charging station and electric vehicles to help consuments find the right charging station.

5000 euro subsidy for purcahse new electric van

Netherlands launches new subsidy for electric vans

As of March 2021 Dutch entrepreneurs can request a subsidy for purchasing or leasing eletric vans.

Floading tests: Off-grid EV charging

We tested our 22kW AC charger, the Power Arrow in combination with a battery storage - a practical solution for locations where the electricity grid doesn't allow an upgrade or it isn't available at all.

130 electric BYD buses powered by Floading are prepared for Dutch OV 

The latest project of BYD and Floading is about to be delivered: the 130 buses are prepared to meet Dutch standards and start running on the roads in 3 provinces.

BeSolar solar panel installation company

Koolen industries has acquired a majority stake in solar panel installation firm BeSolar

With this acquisition, Koolen Industries Solar strengthens its position in photovoltaic systems installations in the western part of The Netherlands.

Floading is providing charging solutions for Europe's largest bus order with BYD

Floading brings conversion of Europe’s largest electric city bus order to Hengelo 

Amersfoort-based electric charging infrastructure company Floading is bringing 130 electric buses to Hengelo where they will be adapted for use in The Netherlands.

Koolen Industries acquires GreenBattery

Koolen Industries acquires majority stake in mobile energy storage firm GreenBattery 

Clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has acquired a majority stake in mobile energy storage company GreenBattery.

electric truck fleet requires new charging infras

Emerging number of electric trucks demands new infrastructure

Strong growth is expected in the number of electric truck and international logistics from 2026 according to the Knowledge and Innovation center of the Dutch ElaadNL.

The Netherlands launches plan to speed up electric car infrastructure: 1,7 million charging points by 2030

The Dutch government is going to install hundreds of thousands chasing stations in cooperation with 6 regions. The ambitious plan was published on Wednesday, 8 July. The plan was agreed upon by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterstaat, together with the network operators.

Koolen Industries company Energy Experience Group renamed

Koolen Industries Solar is the new name of Energy Experience Group (EEG). This is part of a holistic strategy that aims to integrate energy generation more closely with business areas such as clean energy storage and distribution as well as with user applications.

Dutch EV purchase incentives bring success

The purchase incentives for privately used electric cars introduced by the Dutch government are proven to be more successful than expected. After only 1 day 44% of the 10 million euros budget allocated to support the buyers of a new electric vehicles has already been claimed, totaling to an amount of 4,4 million euros.

Avia Marees Floading

Avia Marees places Floading charging solutions at the new MTP  in Hoorn

The first broadcast of TankPro TV visited the currently ongoing project of Avia Marees at the new Multi Traffic Point Hoorn along the N307 near Zwaag. The project includes  six food chains, an AVIA filling station with charging facilities delivered by Floading and a car wash.

Koolen Industries to accelerate energy transition by investing in EIT InnoEnergy

Dutch clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has become a shareholder in EIT InnoEnergy, Europe's sustainable energy innovation engine, to accelerate the commercialisation of clean energy start-upses.

Koolen Industries invests in SMART charging infrastructure

Koolen Industries gets involved in innovative charging solutions for cars, busses and trucks, by investing in Floading Energy Infra BV. “The biggest challenge to realize the energy transition is to be able to store energy. This happens through charging and discharging systems.

It Is Now Practical To Refuel Electric Vehicles Through Thin Air

Electromagnetic induction gets rid of cables. A WISE driver keeps an eye on the fuel gauge, to make timely stops at filling stations. For drivers of electric cars, though, those stations are few and far between. The infrastructure needed for refilling batteries has yet to.

Rotterdam Electrical Innovation Wireless Charging in practice

The state of wireless charging of electric vehicles?
Rotterdam tests in practice innovations in the field of electric driving. What can you think of? We are talking about technology, a behavior of e-drivers and a living outdoor space (street view). In short...

The Netherlands is the incubator for electric OV-busses: "So much innovation"

In the public transport sector in the Netherlands, an ever increasing number of diesel buses are replaced by electric vehicles. The line 1 bus service in the city of Utrecht is driving fully electric from today and..

Tesla’s electric semi truck will reportedly get 200 to 300 miles per charge

Tesla’s already announced plans to reveal at an event in September an all-electric semi truck designed for cargo hauling, but we don’t know much about it beyond that yet. Now, Reuters reports that the vehicle...

The Netherlands Ranks Number 1 Globally on the Automotive Disruption Radar

Holland reached the top due to the county’s winning combination of comparatively high EV sales, good EV charging infrastructure and a strong interest in autonomous...

SAE International Announces decision for the SAE J2954™ Wireless Charging Test Station, a Major Step Forward in Global Standardization for Electrified Vehicles

At a standards meeting held in January at AUDI AG in Ingolstadt, Germany, carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and technology providers from around the world have reached agreement on key technical and procedural elements of the upcoming SAE Recommended Practice (RP) Wireless Power Transfer...

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