What is a Charge Point Operator (CPO) and and how does Floading fulfill this role? ?

CPO is a commonly used term in the world of charging infrastructure, but what exactly is a CPO (charge point operator)?

Until 2030, no less than 10,000 new charging points for electric vehicles will appear at the various airports of the Royal Schiphol Group. This means a significant increase in the number of AC and DC chargers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Eindhoven Airport and Lelystad Airport. It is a great step to make emission-free transport more accessible to everyone. However, charging stations do not function without a reliable Charge Point Operator (CPO) such as Floading. CPO is a commonly used term in the world of charging infrastructure, but what exactly is a CPO (charge point operator)? We are happy to tell you all about it in this article.

What is a Charge Point Operator?
A CPO manages the charging stations. This is quite a responsibility given the extensive range of tasks. The CPO is responsible from installation to maintenance and breakdown service. In addition, the CPO can take care of the entire back office for you. Then all charging transactions are administratively processed correctly. Take the airports of the Royal Schiphol Group as an example: there are currently about 400 public charging stations for electric cars at Schiphol Airport. Anyone who owns an EV can use it. By 2030, all vehicles at the airport must be electric, ranging from shop floor vehicles to hotel shuttles. Naturally, the charging stations must function 100%. And that is possible thanks to the Charge Point Operator (CPO). This ensures that the chargers are installed, distributed over the site, that they are maintained and that all malfunctions are resolved. They also ensure that you can pay with different charge cards.

How many public charging stations does the Netherlands currently have?
Figures from the ANWB show that the Netherlands currently has 107,000 public charging stations and almost 3,400 public fast chargers. As a result, our country has the highest charging point density in Europe. A fact we can be proud of! You will therefore encounter public charging stations in more and more places. The CPO is one of the parties that ensures that everything runs smoothly. For example, it is involved in the supply of power, tariff determination and maintenance of charging stations. 

What does Floading do as a CPO?
Floading's mission is to accelerate the transition to electric transport. We are an experienced and reliable CPO who finds service and customer focus extremely important. CEO Arnaud van der Sluis and CTO Peter Brockhof know exactly what is going on in the field of electric transport. The enthusiastic Floding team searches for creative charging solutions for all kinds of parties on a daily basis. Electric vehicles, trucks and buses can be charged at a DC charging station. Our fast chargers are the perfect way for these vehicles to get back on the road quickly. Our AC charging station is the ideal solution for home situations. It has a sleek design and can be mounted on the wall. This saves you a lot of time and effort, as you do not have to dig a hole in the ground for installation. 

Of course we don't do everything alone. Together you make progress faster, so we work together with a wide range of partners. We also develop software and hardware ourselves. For example, we supply a DC fast charger and many more products and services. By developing ourselves, we as CTO have the entire process in our own hands. The result? Different charging stations and charging solutions for every issue. Because the next generation must also be able to live and move in a quiet and clean world.