DC fast charge station from Floading
Case study: Ampcontrol

Dynamic load management to operate EV charging sites.

Floading and Ampcontrol have a shared vision of the importance of smart load management for scaling electric fleet operations. In this project, Floading and Ampcontrol work on four charging sites together, with a total of 50 Floading chargers, including AC and DC fast chargers. The sites have dual-usage for last-mile delivery and bus fleets, as well as public charging.

Floading implemented Ampcontrol’s real-time optimization software in March 2022, in just under one day, to control the charging at four sites. Ampcontrol connects to the Floading AC and DC fast chargers to send and receive charging profiles and runs real-time optimizations to ensure the most efficient utilization of the sites.

Soon, the sites will increase the number of chargers, integrate building loads into the charging decisions, and include solar power generation in their sites. 

These additions will increase their charging capacity while allowing electric fleets to reduce their monthly energy cost and increase the use of renewable energies, subsequently lowering their carbon footprint.

Ampcontrol’s software automatically optimizes the charging load by taking into account all active sessions, state of charge, and level of priority of each vehicle. With this information, the software dynamically distributes the charging load to reduce the site’s peak demand, and ensure the on-time departure of all vehicles. By doing so, Ampcontrol is also able to establish the site’s current power capacity, and the optimal maximum capacity, so Floading can plan accordingly the expansion of their operations.

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