Traveling by electric car

Traveling by electric car

More and more people are switching to electric vehicles. Now that summer is approaching, and with that the holiday is just around the corner, there may be questions about a car holiday. Can I charge enough while on the road? Is there a charging option at my holiday destination? Does my charge card work?

Don't worry, going on holiday with an electric car is as easy and fast as you are used to!

Load on the go

There are already more than 3000 public fast chargers in the Netherlands, for example at gas stations and highway restaurants. Not only the Netherlands is following this trend. In Belgium, for example, there are 7000 public chargers, in Germany there are even 60 thousand. The charging points are mainly located in or around larger cities. In France, the charging network has grown strongly in recent years, because it is possible to charge an electric car every 80 kilometers with a total of 38 thousand charging points. Italy is also developing the charging network very quickly with 23 thousand charging points, especially in the north there are many charging options and in the major cities. There are also sufficient charging points along the highways through Austria and Switzerland. The popular holiday countries are easily accessible by electric car.

Charging at the holiday destination

There are now more than 100 holiday parks, 500 campsites and no fewer than 15,000 hotels with charging points in Europe! Sufficient possibilities to charge at the destination, to travel back with a full battery.

Charge card

Most charge cards are valid throughout Europe. For example, the Shell charge card, Maingau or the ANWB.

Travel time

Does it take longer to travel with an electric car instead of a petrol or diesel car? Of course it takes longer. For example, a journey from the middle of the Netherlands to Northern Italy would take just under 11 hours with a fuel car, during which you refuel about 1 or 2 times. With an electric car this takes a total of 15.5 hours, where you lose 4.5 hours of charging time. Here you stop 8 times to recharge. This takes longer, but it also entails safety. During a long car ride, it's good to stretch your legs and shift your focus.


With a petrol car, for example, it costs about 200 euros in fuel costs to drive from the central Netherlands to northern Italy. With an electric car it costs on average a maximum of 100 euros to charge on the road.

All in all, it is quite possible to go on holiday within Europe with an electric car. Many holiday destinations contain charging points, there are more than enough charging options along the way and your standard charging card also works abroad.

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Founded in 2018, Floading is  the leading-edge provider of electric charging solutions within Europe.  Floading is part of Koolen Industries, striving for a greener future together with multiple other companies with a focus on clean energy. 

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