Dutch EV purchase subsidy extremely successful

Dutch government launches electric vehicle purchase incentive

The purchase incentives for privately used electric cars introduced by the Dutch government are proven to be more successful than expected. After only 1 day 44% of the 10 million euro budget allocated to support the buyers of a new electric vehicles has already been claimed, totaling to an amount of 4,4 million euros. The run for the second hand electric vehicles seem to be at a lower pace at the moment - 572k of the 7,2 million euros has been claimed so far.

Not all of the above mentioned purchases took place in that one day - a chunk of the claims are related to earlier purchases. Purchases on or after 4 June 2020 qualify to be eligible for the support. Buyers of new electric vehicles receive 4000 euros, while second car electric car buyers receive 2000 euros.Electric vehicles prove to be less costly on the long run - diesel en benzine fueled cars require a lot more upkeep and repair not to mention the high fuel prices. Still, many people are hesitant due to the higher price of an electric vehicle. The Dutch government hopes that the subsidy will help people make the decision easier in the coming years. Electric cars do not emit greenhouse gases while driving. They are also energy efficient, good for the climate and contribute to clean air.

The Netherlands together with the Nordic countries belongs to the world leaders of EV adoption. According to the forecast 88% of all newly purchased vehicles will be electric by the year 2030 in Holland.

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