Since 9 May 2022 enterprises can apply for a subsidy for the purchase of clean trucks. The subsidy scheme for the Purchase of Zero-Emission Trucks (AanZET) is intended for companies and non-profit institutions that fall outside the SSEB scheme (the Clean and Emissionless Construction Traffic subsidy scheme).

It is a step towards an emission-free vehicle fleet, the goal for 2050. From 2025, more and more zero-emission zones will be set up in larger cities. The subsidy scheme has been set up to encourage entrepreneurs to take the step to an emission-free fleet as quickly as possible.

It states that the government will set up an incentive program to increase the number of zero-emission trucks in the fleet. This supports the establishment of emission-free zones in 30 to 40 larger cities from 2025. The subsidy accelerates the process for companies to switch to emission-free transport.

Despite the fact that electric trucks are cheaper to use and maintain, the purchase is more expensive than diesel trucks. A budget has been made available to cover a percentage of the additional costs of an electric truck. The government has decided that the smaller companies (<10 employees) will receive a boost of up to 60% of the additional costs subsidy. Large companies will receive a maximum of 40% subsidy.

If your company switches to electric trucks, delivery vans or other electric transport, Floading is happy to think along with you about the charging infrastructure. So that your fleet never stands still, even with emission-free vehicles. We have experience in facilitating charging stations for all types of transport. We conduct research into the required capacity and ensure that it can be realised. The right charging solution is installed and with our smart software, so that you can keep track of exactly how much power is used and what the costs are.

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