The Netherlands: 5000 euro subsidy for electric vans

5000 euro subsidy for purcahse new electric van

As of March 2021 Dutch companies can request 5000 euro subsidy for electric vans

In order to speed up the electrification of logistics the Dutch government has established a new subsidy possibility which makes it possible for Dutch entrepreneurs to request a maximum of 5000 euros when purchasing a new electric van. This EV purchase subsidy is planned to last up to 2025 with a total of 185 million euro's. For 2021 25 million euros will be used up according to the planning.

Some conditions need to be met in order to be eligible for the subsidy: the electric van must be new, but besides buying the vehicle is also possible to lease is. The subsidy is 10% of the price and a maximum of 5000 euros. The range of the electric van must reach 100 km in order to qualify. The Dutch governement hopes to stimulate the smaller companies and entrepreneurs to take a step towards zero emission transport.

Charging points for your electric van?

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Floading smart charging of vehicles

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