HBE's renewable fuel units

a new revenue model for the transport sector

HBE stands for renewable fuel units. HBEs are certificates introduced by the Dutch government in 2015 to make the transport sector greener. Companies that invest in charging infrastructure are rewarded extra. This creates an attractive revenue model! In this article we explain how it works and when HBEs are attractive to you.

Making the transport sector more sustainable

The transport sector must become more sustainable, that is what the European member states have agreed with each other. In the Netherlands, this agreement has been converted into an annual and reduction obligation. The HBE was introduced in 2015 to find out whether companies that must comply with this obligation also comply with it. These companies must ensure that they have sufficient HBEs on their account in the Energy for Transport Register (REV) before 1 May each year.

How do you earn HBEs

You receive HBEs by supplying energy to vehicles. For every delivered kWh you get 0.0036 HBE. One HBE is equal to 1GJ (gigajoule). To receive the HBEs, you must be able to provide certain information. That is why it is important that you install the correct AC or DC charging stations. The charging stations must be equipped with a MID meter. In addition, you must install a back office system on the chargers. All charging transactions are registered here. You must demonstrate by means of measurement data that the electricity generated has actually been used for transport.

Trading in HBEs

Not all companies that have to register HBEs earn enough themselves. In order to still be able to enter enough HBEs in the register, they buy up HBEs from other companies. This results in a new revenue model. The market of supply and demand in HBE's is growing enormously. Therefore, it is becoming more and more interesting to earn and trade HBEs.

It is interesting for companies that generate clean energy to invest in charging infrastructure on their own premises. That means double earnings! You earn on every charging transaction and you earn HBEs that you then sell again.

Is it interesting for everyone who has charging stations?

The more charge points you have in a location, the more interesting it is to earn and trade HBEs. Because costs are incurred for booking the HBEs, it is only profitable if you supply a lot of power to vehicles. The tipping point is between 50-140 MWh.

If your charging station is powered by green electricity from solar panels, wind turbines or other sustainable energy sources, an HBE will generate the most money. It is therefore smart to invest in the generation of clean energy with the SDE++ subsidy (stimulation of sustainable energy production and climate transition) and to convert this energy into HBEs using a charging plaza.

Do you want to get more out of your charging infrastructure and develop a new business model? Floading likes to think along with you! We have the right AC and DC charging stations in our range, have a back office system and can help you book your HBEs!