nieuweweme groep
NieuweWeme Groep is part of Koolen Industries

Acquisition NieuweWeme Groep strengthens Koolen Industries' one-stop-shop for clean energy and clean mobility

The NieuweWeme Group in Oldenzaal will be part of Koolen Industries as of 1 July 2021. With this acquisition, Koolen Industries has everything it needs to design, produce, install and maintain the clean and smart energy solutions from its portfolio “in house”. 

The acquisition of the NieuweWeme Groep is a logical next step for Koolen Industries to continue to grow in the supply of clean, smart energy solutions. “With this acquisition, in addition to the engineering, we also have the electrical installation, building various containerized solutions and charging stations for electric cars, trucks and buses in-house. This enables us to offer even better “one stop shop” solutions to customers who are dealing with integral issues in the energy transition. Think, for example, of the combination of electric charging with solar panels and battery storage, all of which are integrally linked with smart software,” says Kees Koolen (CEO Koolen Industries)

The NieuweWeme Group has been working together with the companies of Koolen Industries for a number of years. For example, NieuweWeme has in the past built special containers for Proton Ventures for the storage and transport of green ammonia - a form of sustainable hydrogen storage. In addition to the Battolyser, the current container modifications of which are being done by NieuweWeme, they also work closely with SuperB to supply advanced lithium batteries as a single package. NieuweWeme also designs and builds SmartGrid's Energy Storage Containers, Energy Racks and Energy Trailers.

Gerben Hilboldt, who has been working for Koolen Industries for 2 years as Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as CEO, taking over from Ben Nieuwe Weme, founder of the NieuweWeme Group. Ben will remain involved in the company for the foreseeable future to guide and support Gerben.

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