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2035 new cars emission-free

The European Union has decided that from 2035 all new passenger cars and small commercial vehicles must be CO2 free. A nice step forward to a clean and quiet world!

It is important to think about the future. How do you envision the world in 2035? Who knows, by that time we may be using one hundred percent sustainable water and water heating systems. Time will tell, but Floading looks green and positive to the future. In October 2022, the European Union took a major step in durability. After extensive negotiations between the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Member States is the bullet through the church: from 2035 all new passenger cars and small commercial vehicles are CO2 emission-free. What does this 'Fit for 55' deal exactly in?

Coming years dedicated to sustainability goals
The coming years are crucial for achieving sustainability goals. According to The Paris Climate Agreement aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 49 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. And greenhouse gas emissions must be 95 percent by 2050 reduced. An important challenge, to which fossil-free cars certainly contribute We should also not underestimate the impact of electric driving, although it is are not yet completely CO2 free. Still, the average emissions of 10g/m are very low when compared to the 200g/km of a petrol car. These numbers come from from TNO.

What are the objectives of the 'Fit for 55' plan?
The EU green transition plan has a number of important goals. One of them is it reducing car emissions. An agreement has been reached on 55% CO2 emission reduction for new cars and 50% for new vans by 2030 at compared to 2021. By the time 2035 approaches, CO2 emissions should be 0. This This also means that from that year on you can no longer buy a car that runs on fossil fuels drives. This encourages people to drive cleaner. European Commissioner Frans Timmermans does not hide his enthusiasm about the EU deal. He posted on Twitter the following message:

“We've got a deal! It's no wonder the first #Fitfor55 deal is on the CO2 car standards: the pace of change in the past years has been truly remarkable. EU car industry is ready, consumers are eager to embrace zero-emission mobility. So let's go full speed ahead!"

Electric car increasingly affordable
There are more and more affordable sustainable options for the average consumer. For example, the price of an electric car will fall sharply in the coming years. And that's good news for anyone with a small wallet who dreams of a green world. Research firm BloombergNEF dares to state that an average EV in 2027 is more affordable than a car with fossil fuels! Causes are simplified production lines and lower battery prices. This makes an electric SUV and Sedan about a For five years or so, they are just as expensive to produce as cars with a petrol or diesel engine. VVD- MEP Jan Huitema had the following to say about sustainable driving: “Since cars and vans remain on the road for an average of 15 years, action must be taken quickly undertaken. The car is the only form of transport where you can quickly switch to electric or hydrogen and the market is already ready for that.”

Floading is ready for the green transition We are on our way to a sustainable world.
And Floading is all set for this green transition. We are one of the most innovative charging solution providers in Europe. We have the chargers in stock and are happy to think along with companies about what needs to be done needed now and in the future. We also strive to make the transition to electric speed up transportation. How? By charging your EV as quickly and simply as possible to make. In this way we work together on a quiet and clean world.
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