Floading opens a new DC charging station in Barneveld

On Friday 2 December there will be a service in Barneveld at the characteristic gas station Route 106 opened a new charging plaza. Here, electric vehicles can charge quickly at the 240 kW DC charging station. Henk Vink and his daughter run the gas station together.

The gas station is a cozy meeting place for car lovers. In addition to refueling, you can enjoy a delicious coffee and lunch in the café. Henk and his daughter wanted to take a step towards sustainability and were looking for a way to shape this. That is how they came into contact with Floading. Together they looked at the possibilities of opening a charging plaza. For this, the energy connection was looked at and then we looked at what best suits the wishes of Route 106. That is how they arrived at the 240 kW DC charger. The new DC charger can be expanded modularly, so if they want to expand the charging square, this is easy!

During the delivery of the charger, Floading Route 106 told everything about the loader and its use. In addition, they were presented with a tree. This as a symbol that we not only go for clean and quiet, but also go green together! Together we are building a clean, quiet and green world in which the next generation can also live and move.