Tamoil installs Floading fast charger

Floading PowerBay North-Holland

Sustainable solutions for the future

The number of electric cars on the road in the Netherlands continues to increase and the need for safe and fast charging solutions keeps growing. Fast chargers with a charging capacity between 100kW and 180kW will play an important role in fulfilling the need for an efficient charging infrastructure in our country.

Tamoil Nederland has been taking steps for some time to offer support to its customers who drive electric.  After thorough research, Tamoil has made a selection of gas station locations with the most potential to become a successful charging location. After discussions with various suppliers, Floading Energy Infra was comissioned to deliver a 180 kW fast charger at the refueling location in Klazienaveen.

Powerful fast charger and smart management system

Based on the properties and possibilities at the location the Floading PowerBay charging station was selected. The DC fast charger has a charging capacity of up to 180 kW. The charging station is equipped with two plugs and has the ability to distribute the available power between 2 cars in a smart way. The current CCS plugs are suitable for cars that use the type 2 charging protocol. However, it will soon also be possible to charge electric vehicles with a CHAdeMO connection in Klazienaveen. Drivers can easily follow along the the charging process by reading the instructions on the large built-in LCD screen.

In addition to hardware, Floading also provides an extensive cloud-based charge point system that enables remote management and monitoring. The backoffice system supports various charging cards, automatic invoicing and settlement of charging sessions.

Durable branding 

To fit the Tamoil style, the PowerBay was wrapped using durable 3M foil. This method offers endless possibilities for branding and guarantees a radiant design for years to come. The high-quality foil offers seamless application and a fresh look. One of the many advantages of the 3M foil is that it's weather resistant and protects the charging station against external damage on the steel casing. In addition, the wrap can easily be replaced or adjusted if the client's branding requirements change.

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Floading is a Dutch company that was founded in 2018. Today we are one of the most innovative charging solution providers in Europe. As part of Koolen Industries believes we and our partners in an emission-free future and electric mobility for everyone. Floading: energy that keeps you going!

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