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200000 electric buses will be on European roads by 2035.

Electric buses are conquering Europe's highways

The transition to emission-free public transport is happening at lightning speed

Electric buses are on the rise on the highways. You will see them more and more in the coming years. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe. The ING Economics Department predicts that by 2030 at least a third of the +- 200,000 buses in European public transport will be zero emissions. A completely emission-free fleet is still a dream for the future, but we are well on the way!

At the moment, only 4 percent of the public transport fleet is electrified (figures from October 2021). However, the forecast of the ING Economic Bureau is positive. The Corona crisis has caused the sale of electric buses to stagnate. As a result, there are still diesel buses that need to be replaced on European highways.

At first, a decrease in the total fleet seemed a long way off. But there is hope on the horizon. According to European guidelines, at least 22.5 percent of newly registered buses in Western Europe must be zero-emission free by 2025. By 2030, the target is 32.5 percent. Although the percentages are lower in Eastern Europe, sustainable ambitions are also increasing there.

The number of electric buses in European public transport is increasing rapidly. Several thousand are added every year. More than 4,000 zero-emission buses are expected to be on the road by 2025. And by 2030, this number should even have risen to over 10,000, a quadrupling!

Floading has various charging solutions to provide these buses with power. With our DC fast chargers, the buses can be recharged on location in no time and are ready for the next ride. This way the buses never stand still for unnecessarily long! The mobile charger is a flexible 40kW DC charger that can be used anywhere. This way your electric vehicle fleet is always in motion!