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What is happening in the world of electric vehicles and how is Floading fitting in?

HBE renewable fuel units    

HBEs are certificates that were introduced in 2015 to make the transport sector greener. Companies that invest in charging infrastructure are rewarded extra. This creates an attractive revenue model!

Pay with your debit card at the charging station

From 2027, charging stations must offer the option to pay for the charging transaction with your debit card. This is what the European Commission writes in a new directive on the roll-out of infrastructure for alternative fuels. This makes electric driving even easier! This is how we take another step towards a clean and quiet world.

Electric buses are conquering Europe's highways

Electric buses are on the rise on the roads. You will see them more and more in the coming years. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe. The ING Economics Department predicts that by 2030 at least a third of the +- 200,000 buses in European public transport will be zero emissions. A completely emission-free fleet is still a dream for the future, but we are well on the way! 

Floading is ready! We help the various bus companies with the realization of their charging infrastructure. In the future, many more electric buses will be charged with Floading DC chargers! We are happy to help the transport companies with their loading issues. Together we will find a sustainable and cost-effective solution. In this way we make the world a little cleaner and quieter every day.

2035 new cars emission-free

green world globe energy transition 1

The European Union has decided that from 2035 all new passenger cars and small commercial vehicles must be CO2 free. A nice step forward to a clean and quiet world!

Floading moving Connectr Shared Office IPKW

In November, Floading will move into the new office at the IPKW in Arnhem. Here, various companies work together to accelerate the energy transition

Energy crises offer employers opportunities

charging station rental for events

"Winter is coming" is a famous saying from the popular series Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, many people are currently really looking forward to the coming winter with fear and trembling.

We are not a gas station! Is a common saying

Perhaps this text will cross your mind if you are considering installing charging infrastructure for your company. Charging stations give your company a fresh and modern look!


Floading wants to accelerate the transition to electric transport. We ensure that charging electric vehicles is quick and simple. Because every situation requires a different approach, we look for creative charging solutions together with our partners. We find a suitable AC, DC or High Power solution for even the most complex issues.

Electric transport is part of the major energy transition, which is why we link all kinds of sustainable systems together. The energy grid, solar panels, wind turbines and batteries power our charging stations. Our software ensures that all systems communicate effortlessly with each other. The user can see and control all charging transactions on his dashboard.

In this way we work together with our partners on a quiet and clean world in which the next generation can also live and move.

Lower parking costs for electric cars

From next year, parking costs will be lower for electric cars and cars that run on hydrogen!


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From 2025 only electric leases

Now that summer is approaching, and with that the holiday is just around the corner, questions may arise about a car holiday with an electric car. We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions!

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2025; only electric lease cars will be available

floading smart ac charger for tesla model s

From 2025 it will only be possible to choose from electric cars for a business lease, The Hague Sources report to De Telegraaf.


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explanation at DClader charging station by Arnaud van der Sluis


The world of electric mobility is constantly changing and developments are moving at lightning speed. We follow developments closely and share them in our monthly newsletter. Do you want to stay informed? Sign In!

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Volvo Green Premium Event

Floading recently supplied the new electric Volvo Trucks models with energy with our own DC charging stations at the Volvo Green Premium Event

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Subvention EV trucks

electric truck fleet requires new charging infras

Since 9 May 2022, as an entrepreneur you can apply for a subsidy for the purchase of clean trucks. It is a step towards an emission-free fleet, the goal for 2050

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Case study Ampcontrol

Floading and Ampcontrol have a shared vision for smart charging management. In this project, Floading and Ampcontrol are working together  with 50 Floading chargers (AC and DC)

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TDS takes a step forward

TDS emission-free in Amsterdam eTrucks zero emission city center

TDS has taken a big step in collaboration with Bleukens EV. Bleukens EV is an expert in emission-free city logistics. Together they found a suitable solution for iKEA's electric fleet

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Tamoil plaatst Floading snellader in Klazienaveen

Floading PowerBay North-Holland

Vanaf nu kunnen klanten van Tamoil Klazienaveen hun elektrische wagens opladen bij de Floading snellader. De PowerBay laadpaal met 180kW laadvermogen kan 2 auto's tegelijkertijd voorzien van stroom zodat klanten snel weer op weg kunnen.

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Power Arrow off grid charging

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Koolen Industries invests in charging infrastructure

Koolen Industries invests charging solutions for cars, buses and trucks by joining Floading Energy Infra BV. Kees Koolen wants to accelerate the energy transition with Koolen Industries. Koolen wants to make sustainable energy the new normal for everyone. Affordable. Accessible. Available.

One of the biggest challenges in realizing the energy transition is the ability to store energy. This can be done with the help of charging and discharging systems. Floading offers not only the charging infrastructure, but also home batteries from 2023. This makes Floading the ideal partner for Koolen.

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Floading is a Dutch company that was founded in 2018. Today we are one of the most innovative charging solution providers in Europe. As part of Koolen Industries believes we and our partners in an emission-free future and electric mobility for everyone. Floading: energy that keeps you going!

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