How long will it take to charge my car?

The duration of charging an electric vehicle depends on several factors: the car itself, the type of power supply you use and some other variables, such as the temperature and size of the battery and the charging cable you are using.

The total charging time = kWh (battery) / kW (capacity of charging station). The best way is to look at the duration per individual vehicle, as it can vary significantly.

What is the difference between regular charging (AC) and fast-charging (DC)?

The power coming from the grid is always AC power, and this gets converted to DC. IN case of everyday household items (such as a phone charger) the conversion to DC happens in the plug. In case of electric vehicle the conversion happens in the car itself. This results in longer charging sessions, also because the charging power is typically of a lower capacity. These type of chargers are ideal for locations where clients and guests stay for a longer period of time, such as hotels, workplaces, conference centers or restaurants.

In case of fast, DC charging the conversion from AC to DC happens in the transformator of the charging station itself. As the power is converted before it enters the car it bypasses the car's onboard charger and gets stored in the battery directly. Due to the technology and the power required from the grid DC chargers are much robuster and more expensive. On the other hand the charging sessions are a lot quicker and efficienter than charging with AC. This makes high-power fast chargers extremely suitable for locations where the drivers don't intend to stay longer, such as tankstation, fast-food restaurants, supermarkets or strategically well located points along transport corridors.

Smart charging - what are the benefits?

Smart charging is the best way to manage and efficiently handle the available electricity without overwhelming  or destabilising the grid. All Floading charging stations feature Load balancing, which is an important component of smart charging. Load balancing (also called as Power Sharing) ensures that available electricity is distributed equally between all charging electric vehicles.

Smart EV chargers are also the safest and quickest possible way to refuel an electric vehicle. The electricity consumption can be monitored easily and the charging time can be optimized. 

The modern, so-called smart ev charging points are able to communicate with the cloud and allow the charging owner to monitor, restrict and optimize the level of charging in order to manage the energy consumption the most optimal way possible. With this remote solution new options and features can de added, and exisiting charging stations can be optimised accoding to the demands of the actual moment. This smart features are the building blocks when designing future-proof charging stations, such as the Floading chargers.

Which charging solution is applicable for my location?

This depends on many different factors, according to the specific situation. The environment of the location, grid connection, the type of visitors and duration of time spent at the parking spots are all very important factors that need to be considered in order to select the best charging solution. Floading provides free and non-comittal advice at the beginning of the process defining the most suitable charging points for your needs.

What kind of grid connection is required for my EV charger?

The requirement of grid connections are depending on the specific situation. Floading can assist with making the correct choices regarding the grid connection. We shall take into account the following factors: the selected charging station and the (estimated) number and type of vehicles that will be charged. We also look at the current grid connection, if it is a single-phase or three-phase connection. Floading and the installation expert shall carry out a free site survery and take the current grid connection in consideration to prepare a professional plan of execution.

What is CPO and MSP?

CPO stands for Charge Point Operator, the party responsible, managing and operating the charging stations. The CPO connects charging points to the MSP. MSP is an abbreviation of Mobility Service Operator providing access to a variety of different charging points. These two players together compose the charging network.

Does Floading offer funding possibilities for charging solutions?

Floading is constantly looking for attractive locations where charging infrastructure can be operated. We work together with several partners who are interested in financing the installation and exploitation of Floading charging points. Would you like to expand your service for your clients and guests, or do you own a location that would be ideal for EV charging? Contact us via mail at sales@floading.com or via phone at number +31(0)85 0250999. We are more then happy to help you find the right partner and sharging solutions and guide your further with the application.

Is there a possibility to receive subsidy for charging stations in The Netherlands?

The current subsidies in The Netherlands are focused on businesses. In case the charging station is purchased for business purposes, then the following subsidies may be applicable:

MIA and VAMIL: Read the Dutch Government's information here

HBE (hernieuwebare brandstoffeenheden): we advise to consult your financial advisor in order to investigate if this is applicable in your situation and what the conditions are

KIA: read more information on the site of the Dutch Tax Authority.

There is a possibility that the local municipality offers financial help based on your situation. Please contact your municipality in order to receive further information.

What should I do if my charging station is out of order?

Should an unexpected issue occur please dial the number which is visible on the charging station. Please note the serial number of the charging station, visible under the phone number. Floading provides a remote monitoring system 24/7, meaning we can access the status of the EV charging point via the cloud and provide continous on-site support.

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