Power Arrow AC charging station

Power Arrow EV charging station

The Floading AC charging point was developed for a carefree charging experience and is available in various capacities: 11kW, 22kW and higher on request. The safe and smart charging station is produced from durable material assuring a long lifetime with low maintenance.  With the high charging efficiency of 95,6% electric vehicles are charged safely within a shorter time period. The charging station features two Type 2 connectors (also referred to as manneked) allowing single phase charging.

The Power Arrow can be easily customized to reflect the style of your brand. 

Load balancing

Distributing available capacity proportionally for the best charging experience

Live insights & full control

Get all important details through compatible back-office systems 

Simple, safe and smart

Manage application and payments easily 

Quality Assurance

Assembled in Europe, 2 years standard warranty with optional extension

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Founded in 2018, Floading is  the leading-edge provider of electric charging solutions within Europe.  Floading is part of Koolen Industries, striving for a greener future together with multiple other companies with a focus on clean energy. 

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