Peters electric journey

CTO Peter Brockhoff makes a sport of more sustainable living

Some people keep bumping into each other in one way or another. Take Peter Brockhoff and Arnaud van der Sluis for example. The two have a history that goes back a long way and both worked at ProRail in the past. In 2010, the gentlemen made a great success of the company PROOV, which focuses on wireless charging of buses. Brockhoff has joined as CTO at Floading since 2019, while Van der Sluis heads this innovative company as CEO. High time to delve further into Brockhoff's special electric journey.

The beginning of an electric journey that continues today

The electric journey of Floading's Business Development Manager started about eight years ago when he worked at ProRail. After all, trains are also electric. Interestingly enough, Brockhoff's wife took the lead when it came to electric driving. She chose this sustainable mode of transport 3.5 years ago. Brockhoff himself has been the proud owner of an electric car for 1.5 years now.

Electric driving is a keeper

Brockhoff liked the choice for an electric car. He finds driving sustainable and comfortable. According to him, the 'one pedal drive' is also an enormous enrichment because you accelerate and brake with one accelerator pedal. This ensures a relaxed ride and the brakes wear much less quickly. This means you spend less money on maintenance. With sustainable driving you save a lot of costs, according to our BDM. After all, electric cars are extremely fast and quiet. Brockhoff charges his car at home and the car is fully charged within five hours. He sometimes opts for charging at the office, but that is not always necessary.

“The car comes to drive, you get in and are taken to your destination. Permanent taxi transport. A whole different world will open up if this can be made possible.”

- Peter Brockhoff, CTO at Floading, on the future of electric driving

Improved charging stations infrastructure in the EU

The charging infrastructure in Europe is much better than a few years ago. According to the car industry association ACEA, the EU currently has 307,000 charging stations. There are about 90,000 in the Netherlands. No less than half of all chargers are located in the Netherlands and Germany! These figures date from June 2022. Due to the increasing number of charging stations, it is certainly possible to cover long distances in the EU by electric car, says Brockhoff. Of course, there is still much room for improvement when it comes to electric driving in the EU. According to the ACEA, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania, among others, have a fleet that consists of less than 3 percent electric models.

The future of electric driving: autonomous driving and wireless charging

Brockhoff hopes that a lot will change in the world of electric driving in the coming years. His wish is that autonomous driving will gain more and more ground. This means that the car comes forward, you get in and are driven to your destination. It can be compared to permanent taxi transport and will change the highways forever. More people will leave their cars at home, making it a lot quieter on the road. According to Brockhoff, we are already seeing this situation in the United States, where trucks drive between different distribution centers. In addition, cars that independently participate in traffic have less damage. And this is certainly not the only interesting development. More and more people will start charging wirelessly, Brockhoff expects. Ultimately, just like with autonomous driving, no people are involved anymore.

Sustainable living is also a piece of awareness

Brockhoff hopes that everyone will want to contribute to a greener world. It only brings benefits, he says. People live much more consciously and save a lot of money. Something everyone is happy with in these expensive times. You can even make a sport of sustainable living by, for example, looking for 'don't waste me' products in the supermarket. Floading's current BMA did this as a student and has never stopped. He still searches the supermarket for discounted products that would otherwise end up in the trash. Then he makes a nice meal out of it. Fun to do and a bit of awareness. His children are now starting to adopt this enduring habit. It would be great if more people started doing this!

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