Charging the car at an AC charging station of Floading 7.4 KW or 11 kW
Our story about how we make the world cleaner and quieter together.
Floading Energy Infra

Floading wants to accelerate the transition to electric transport. We ensure that charging electric vehicles is quick and simple. Because every situation requires a different approach, we look for creative charging solutions together with our partners. We find a suitable AC, DC or High Power solution for even the most complex issues.

Electric transport is part of the major energy transition, which is why we link all kinds of sustainable systems together. The energy grid, solar panels, wind turbines and batteries power our charging stations. Our software ensures that all systems communicate effortlessly with each other. The user can see and control all charging transactions on his dashboard.

In this way we work together with our partners on a quiet and clean world in which the next generation can also live and move.



2018 Floading was founded by Arnaud

Arnaud van der Sluis founded Floading in 2018. Arnaud has been involved in electric transport since 2008. Arnaud wants to make the world cleaner, but above all quieter. Improving the charging infrastructure will make it easier for everyone to switch to electric transport. Floading helps companies with the construction and expansion of the charging infrastructure so that we can accelerate the transition together.

2019 collaboration with Kees Koolen

In 2019, entrepreneur Kees Koolen will join Floading. Koolen had just founded Koolen Industries with the aim of realizing a rapid transition to clean, sustainable energy. Koolen Industries has grown into a leading company where more than 25 companies share their knowledge and strength to accelerate the transition.

Big ambitions for the future

Floading has big ambitions. The rise of electric mobility will grow enormously in the coming years. Floading wants to ensure that electric cars, buses, trucks and other transport options never run out of power! Floading and its partners provide AC DC and Highpower charging points throughout Europe.


No issue surrounding charging infrastructure is unsolvable. No matter how complex your issue is, Floading will find a suitable solution! Not only do we find a suitable charging solution, we also ensure that this solution generates money for the customer. In this way we make the threshold for installing charging stations as low as possible and we accelerate the energy transition together with the customer.

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Charging the car at an AC charging station of Floading 7.4 KW or 11 kW


At Floading we like simplicity. Just act normal! The world of electric mobility often seems complex, yet we like to make it as simple as possible for our customers.

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We do what we say and we say what we do! We tell our customers the honest story and not a nice sales pitch. We aim for a lasting relationship.


Floading is at the forefront of the world of electric mobility. We link the knowledge we have gained in recent years to future issues. We always think 5 steps ahead. Together with our partners, we develop innovative, groundbreaking charging stations and energy storage systems.


Floading not only offers the standard solution, but creates the most profitable and sustainable solution. We connect the supply and demand of energy at your location in a creative, smart way, and make these transparent for the customer.

Floading smart charging of vehicles

Floading is a Dutch company that was founded in 2018. Today we are one of the most innovative charging solution providers in Europe. As part of Koolen Industries believes we and our partners in an emission-free future and electric mobility for everyone. Floading: energy that keeps you going!

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