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Floading smart charging

Floading wants to accelerate the transition to electric transport. We ensure that charging your EV is quick and simple. In this way we work together on a quiet and clean world in which the next generation can also live and move.


How can Floading help your business?

Floading creates a fitting solution for your charging issue.

Charging hub

Floading provides advice on which charger is suitable with an energy scan. Floading looks at the required capacity. Floading recommends a charging solution based on the wishes and possibilities.


The location will be prepared by Floading for the arrival of the charging solution. Floading installs the charger on site. The maintenance is also done by Floading.


The back office gives you insight into the charging sessions. The administration can be kept up to date in the back office. With your own charge cards it is possible to charge on location and at public places.


With smart charging, it is possible to set the chargers to charge at specific hours. For example, if the chargers work on solar energy. Or at times when the costs are low.



Help desk

Places in which we operate

Floading Tesla EV charger


Carefree and efficient charging solution for locations with limited electrical capacity and large number of electric vehicles. 

Floading EV charger station


Our fast chargers are the ideal solutions for shopping and meeting venues or roadside restaurants. High charging level within the shortest time.

Floading delivers charging solutions aan BYD electric buses


Ultra fast, high capacity chargers designed to provide a fully secure charging session to heavy electric vehicles.

floading ev smart charging


Connecting the right network of business contacts with the most suitable locations.

Why SMART charging?

Let technology work for you with the best loading solution for your transport. Or discover new opportunities to save or even earn money with smart charging and the
optimization of your energy system. Choose what best suits your situation and fleet of vehicles. Floading then ensures that it works perfectly.

SMART & Simple

  • Never forget to charge
  • Automatic identification when loading
  • Compliant with global standards
  • Seamless integration in the charging infrastructure
  • Post purchase integration in electric vehicles
  • Traditional charging possibility remains in place

Safe & Reliable

  • No harmful radiation
  • Minimal maintenance and vandalism proof
  • No moving parts in the ground charger or the vehicle
  • Long life span of the product
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Our products are assembled in The Netherlands 

Future ready

  • Maintains aesthetics in infrastructure
  • Minimal energy loss with an efficiency of 95%
  • Longer battery life of the vehicle
  • Ready for the autonomous infrastructure
  • Fully scalable


charging station rental for events

Energy crisis offers oppertunities for employers

12 September 2022

“Winter is coming” is a famous quote from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, many people are currently really looking forward to the coming winter with fear and trembling. What can we expect in the future, now that the price of oil and gas is going through the roof?

Charging station sticking is allowed, decides Supreme Court

5 September 2022

Charging station sticking is allowed. The Supreme Court issued this judgment after a motorist appealed because he received a fine because he remained parked at a charging station without paying.

Lower parking rates for electric cars

10 August 2022

From next year, parking costs will be lower for electric cars and cars that run on hydrogen!

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Floading smart charging of vehicles

Floading is a Dutch company that was founded in 2018. Today we are one of the most innovative charging solution providers in Europe. As part of Koolen Industries believes we and our partners in an emission-free future and electric mobility for everyone. Floading: energy that keeps you going!

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